Arte e Ciencia

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O fin da arte persoal para unha determinada élite está cerca. Estamos dirixíndonos cara a unha civilización global gobernada por Ciencias e Técnicas. Debemos integrar a sensibilidade visual (sensibilité plástique) nun mundo correcto....

Vasarely 1960

"Art and science will eventually be seen to be as closely connected as arms to the body. Both are vital elements of order and its discovery. The word 'art' derives from the Indo-European base 'ar', meaning to join or fit together. In this sense, science, in the attempt to learn how and why things fit, becomes art. And when art is seen as the ability to do, make, apply or portray in a way that withstands the test of time, its connection with science becomes more clear."

Sven Carlson, Science News (1987)

Na arte todo debe ser, á vez, sorprendente e esperado. Beethoven

La matematica non possiede soltanto la verità, ma anche la bellezza suprema, una bellezza fredda ed austera, come quella della scultura. (Bertrand Russell)

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice."

--Ernest Hemingway,

American author

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

(Albert Einstein, The World as I See It, around 1930)

When the new plastic artists use mathematics, they may be compared to a Renaissance artist using anatomy. No more can we make a Renaissance work of art by a great deal of anatomical knowledge, than a modern work with a thorough knowledge of mathematics (including the four-dimensional). By mere mathematics we shall never be able to compose a painting- with (the aid of) mathematics, however, we may do very well.


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
—Pablo Picasso

Arte: actividad humana específica para la que se recurre a ciertas facultades sensoriales, estéticas e intelectuales. Ciencia: conjunto coherente de conocimientos relativos a ciertas categorías de hechos, objetos o de fenómenos.

Pero ¿existe una línea que separe a artistas y científicos? ¿Se puede hablar de una manera de pensar científica y una artística?

Con la ayuda de un pequeño diccionario Larousse y micrófono en mano, Ana Lucía González de BBC Mundo, inicia un recorrido por la frontera entre estas dos disclipinas.

The first thing to understand is that mathematics is an art. Paul Lockhart (2009)

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